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Vegetable juices recipes? Do they taste good? Yes - hang out with me for a moment and see the benefits. If youre looking for a quick, simple way to detoxify your body, you absolutely cant do better than drinking vegetable juices. And while were at it, take the next step and try a vegetable juice fast. Veggie juices dont need to be digested as they slip immediately into your bloodstream, adding their vitamins, minerals and essential trace elements. Trying vegetable juices recipes is THE way to detoxify. And youd lose a few pounds too a terrific side-effect.

Most North Americans lack vegetables in their diet and drinking a variety of vegetable juices recipes is an easy way to ensure youre getting enough of their nutrients and fiber. If you do embark on a vegetable juice fast, dont do it for more than a few days because youll miss out on protein and carbs a week is plenty long enough for a juice fast. Youll see immediate benefits; clearer eyes and skin, shiny hair and an energy level you had when you were a teenager well, when you were younger!

Lets do this together we can combine our ideas for vegetable juices recipes and do the juice fast for say, five days. Well detoxify our bodies AND lose a couple of pounds. Lets share some favorite vegetable juices recipes try this one. Three cups chopped fresh tomatoes, one celery stalk, one cucumber and a quarter teaspoon sea salt. We could add a red bell pepper too - but before we start juicing our veggies lets wash them to remove pesticides and other contaminants. Dont peel anything as the good stuff lives in and just under the skin. Toss everything in the juicer add a couple of drops of stevia or an apple for sweetness and drink it straight away. You can store leftovers in a screw-top glass jar, but drink it within a few hours otherwise the vitamins will oxidize.

Carrot juice a pound of freshly washed carrots, half a peeled lemon, a few lettuce leaves and perhaps an apple. Juice it all up and you have a vegetable juices recipe which is packed with beta carotene, all the vitamins and minerals plus cancer-fighting anti-oxidants. And among my collection of vegetable juices recipes, I have this one it has wheatgrass which is one of the superfoods; a rich source of minerals. Its also a complete protein, stuffed with healthy digestive enzymes. While its taste isnt the greatest, I add some other veggies. For Day One, one ounce of wheatgrass juice mixed with the juices from carrots, apples and cucumber. Add a little honey if you wish. For Day Two, use two ounces of wheatgrass its the best detoxifier there is. Dont go over three ounces per day otherwise you get that weird stomachy feeling although thats the wheatgrass doing its job.

Another favorite vegetable juices recipe is a blend of cucumber, celery and a small bunch of parsley. Add a freshly picked ripe tomato and youll double your Vitamin C. Add an apple or half a lemon to brighten the flavor a little. And for variety, add some onion, ginger or a garlic clove to your carrot juice recipes.

After five days on a veggie juice fast, I lost three pounds, felt great, looked better and played two rounds of golf in one day!
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