Infant Grave Markers Ideas

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    Religious Mother and Child

    • For a religious family, the comforting image of the holy mother and baby could be the ideal choice for the infant's grave marker. In the Christian religion, there is ample imagery of Mary holding the baby Jesus in her arms. This image will reflect the tragic passing of one so young and simultaneously represent the idea that the child is now with God. The image of an angel holding an infant child would also reflect these ideals but in a less Christian-specific and a more universal manner.

    Baby Toys and Items

    • The imagery of a baby's toy or of items specific to a baby would help identify the grave marker as one of a small child or infant. Imagery could include the picture of a teddy bear, a bib, a rattle or building blocks. The images could cradle the details written on the grave stone, for example, the bear could surround the name and birth and death dates of the child or the images could form a border on the grave marker.


    • Add a quotation relative to the passing of a young child or baby. For example, a quotation relating to a "tiny angel" or a biblical quote referring to the purity and innocence of children would be appropriate. The quotation should reflect the sentiments of the infant's family and in addition bring comfort to those left behind. The quotation will be a summary of the legacy of the short life.


    • Many grave markers today can reflect photos of the loved one. Choose a favorite photo of the infant to reflect on the grave marker. Adding the photo to the marker will preserve the memory of the newborn in a timeless way. When loved ones pay their respects at the grave site, they will always be reminded by the grave marker of the child's life and be comforted.

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