The Best Ways to Teach Reading

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    Flexible Grouping

    • Reading cannot be effectively taught solely using whole-group methods. This techniques does not consider the individual needs, abilities and learning styles of students. Teachers should begin grouping at the beginning of the year after initial assessments have been completed. For guided reading instruction, students should be grouped according to ability. These groups can be labeled as blue, yellow and green to represent below, average or above grade level. This makes it easier for the teacher to instruct using methods best suited for each group. These groups will change often as students progress in ability or when the teacher identifies students with reading problems. The teacher can use a variety of grouping options depending on the technique. For example, when partner reading, students of differing ability can be paired so the stronger reader can help the struggling one.

    Literacy Centers

    • Literacy centers are an effective tool teachers should use to reinforce and review reading skills that have been introduced during whole-group instruction. They are set up with materials that have been used previously by students so they are ready to use them independently. The materials and activities should change as students progress in reading level and complexity. Teachers may set up several centers that teach one skill using activities that are differentiated according to students' learning styles and abilities. Students should participate in these centers every day, practicing reading, writing, and working with sound, letters, and words. A major benefit of literacy centers is that they provide a way to meaningfully engage students while the teacher is conducting a guided reading lesson with another group.

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