How to Use the Flower Loom With the Knifty Knitter Series

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    • 1). Cut a 54-inch piece of the fiber in the color you chose for the flower center. Thread the plastic large eye needle with the piece of fiber and knot one end. Set aside.

    • 2). Wrap the end of the second color that you have chosen for the petal around the stationary peg to hold it in place. Pull the fiber between peg 1 and 12 across the center of the loom and guide it between 6 and 7. Wrap it around peg 6.

    • 3). Pull the fiber down between peg 1 and 12 wrapping it around peg 12. Go back up to pegs 5 and 6 wrapping it around 5. Take the fiber back across the center to pegs 1 and 2 wrapping it around peg 1. Continue on until you have every peg wrapped with a loop of fiber. Repeat the process to form three loops on each peg. The final row should bring the fiber back to the solitary peg. Wrap the yarn around the peg. Cut the fiber leaving a two inch tail.

    • 4). Pick up the needle with the center color and wrap the end of the fiber around the solitary peg. Insert the needle between peg 6 and 7 from the underside of the loom. Bring the fiber all the way up through.

    • 5). Place the needle between pegs 12 and 1 and sew downward, pulling the fiber gently to secure it in place. Continue by stitching between pegs 5 and 6 and back down between pegs 11 and 12, then 5 and 4 and so on until you have sewn between all of the pegs.
      The center stitching will be approximately 1 to 1-1/4 inch long for the flower center.

    • 6). Repeat the process by sewing up or down through the petal loops. Start by bringing the needle and fiber up through the three loops at peg number 1 and back down through the loops at peg 7. Your stitches will stretch over the first row of stitching.

    • 7). Pull the needle off of the fiber when you have completed the last stitch. Pull the matching colored fiber from the solitary peg and tie the two ends together at the back of the flower or underside of the loom. When using yarn or crochet thread remove the first piece of fiber from the solitary peg and tie the end of it to the center of the flower back.

    • 8). Remove the pegs from the flower loom. Your yarn or thread fiber flower is ready to be attached to a knitted or crocheted project by sewing it in place. Glue the loose ends of the raffia flower to the back center area. Glue raffia flowers to your projects.

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