Pray the Devil Back to Hell

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"Don't push me 'cause I am close to the edge".
(Tricky_Vent_Pre milllenium tension) Is this a "time of war"? What do you think? Listening the news it seems that all the entire world would be at war.
Are we really at this point? Strange feelings born while i am giving ear to the media mainstream, everybody talks about: crisis, homicide, bombs, soldiers, calamities, so, where are we going? Are we going toward something or are we staring at our TV watching only the images? Are we waiting our dinners, in our comfortable homes, watching sports on FOX, while the next day is coming and we'll have to came back to work, and then again: breakfast, work, lunch, work, dinner, TV, war...
What's goin' on? I am telling you a story, a report of a women's bravery; unbelievable events coming on, an African story of life and dead: children, men, babies, girls, women, young and old people at war.
Liberia, Monrovia the capitol, end of 90's, the situation is worst than ever, A civil war had been raging for many years between the dictatorship of the Liberian president (Charles Taylor) and the rebels called "LURD", supported by Sierra Leone and Guinea.
This report told us the story of the women of these countries: Muslims and Christians, join in this fight to try to solve it without a mass murder.
The women were tired to loose their child cause wars, so they got together to start a peace movement.
Amazing stories, really, almost unbelievable if you can't see the images, the speeches, the events recorded in this documentary.
How can you know about this situation? How can you understand it? When the strength of few convinced women could change the future of a nation, giving this people new hopes a new path to follow, a new dawn, the chance to built a new society or at least to try to improve themselves, learning from the past's errors.
This was a cause that transcended all differences, all needs except peace and prosperity.
I am not giving you more details on this story cause you have to see it from the images of this documentary, "Pray the devil back to hell".
"The end is built into the beginning".
My friends, I hope you like this trip, I am sure this work will amaze you, an history really particular, an event that bring this new country to its 1st democratic elections, and also a 1st female president.
Let me know if you are interested in this kind of report, follow me from the dark side to the moon, or back if you like.
See you soon my friends.
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