The Best Jeans for Skinny Girls

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    Skinny Jeans

    • Skinny jeans are popular, and they look great on skinny girls. Many skinny girls prefer skinny style jeans because they flaunt their thinness. There is no extra material to make you look chunky. Very thin girls often complain that traditional cuts of jeans make them appear heavier than they are or that the jeans look saggy and ill-fitting. Skinny jeans solve these problems.


    • Bootcut and flared leg jeans are flattering to any shape including skinny girls. Bootcut and flared leg jeans promote a long, sexy leg line. Very big flares, or bell bottoms, give skinny girls a cute, retro look. More traditional bootcut jeans look great with boots and heels and are a fall wardrobe staple.

    Embellished Jeans

    • Skinny girls look great wearing jeans that are embellished. Embellishments can include embroidered designs, patches, dyed stripes, metal studs, appliques, rhinestones and much more. According to Jeans And Accessories, choosing the perfect pair of embellished jeans becomes a matter not only of taste, but also of craftsmanship. Study the placement of embellishments carefully and check the details like stitching and sturdiness when choosing embellished jeans.

    Designer Jeans

    • Celebrity fashion can certainly play a role in your perception of which jeans are stylish and appealing. High fashion trends change seasonally, if not yearly, but a great pair of high-end jeans which fit well and always look great on a skinny girl. Be aware that fakes and counterfeit products are all too common on the Internet. Check out a retailer before you spend a lot of money on knock-off jeans.

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