Pharmacy Technician Certification - What Does It Involve?

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Pharmacy technicians have the job of assist pharmacists with their daily duties. These tasks might include mixing medication, counting pills, as well as labeling bottles, besides other tasks. The pharmacist reviews and double-checks everything before providing to the client, the work completed by the pharmacy technician. Pharmacy technicians are nowadays a very steadily growing field in terms of career prospects because of added responsibilities for the pharmacists in the present context. Even though no federal licensing is required for becoming a pharmacy technician, there are two major affiliate bodies which offer certification exams in order to further the education level as well as the advancement in this field.


The certification exam for pharmacist technicians is known as PTC or pharmacy technician certification exam. This certification is carried out by "Pharmacy-Technician-Certification Board." This Board is a major avenue for the future technicians in the field of pharmacy to get certified. However, this certification exam might not be the substitute for state licensing exam, which may be requisite for practicing in this field. These local requirements can however be found out by contacting the local pharmacy state board.

Application Procedure for Exam

The Pharmacy-Technician-Certification Board has the policy of accepting applications for the exam throughout the whole year. For applying for this exam, you can use the internet as online applications are available. Within ninety days of approval of the online application, one is requited to schedule the exam date with the local professional exam center.

Exam Preparation

‘The exam will consists of a variety of questions, 66% of which will test your assistance of patients at the pharmacy, 22% will test your ability to maintain the inventory as well as medication, while the remaining 12% will focus upon the requisite administrative skills required out of you. Various websites offer practice exams to help you with your preparation for this exam.


Two hours are provided to complete this exam, which consists of 90 questions. 10 of these questions in this exam are pre-test questions, which don't count in the final score tally. Moreover, the questions that are framed in the exam are all belonging to the multiple-choice category.


Getting this certification offers credibility as a pharmacy-technician to your job profile. Additionally, the certification further helps in keeping the legal standing; in case any problems might take place on-the-job.


After getting certified, the license renewal must be done within two years of issuing of the original license. Besides, it is advisable for you to continue taking additional courses within this field besides this certification exam.
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