What Is the Difference Between Quick Restore & a Recover CD?

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    Start Over

    • One of the biggest differences between a quick restore and recovery CD is a decision on whether to start from scratch or save some information. Using a recovery CD completely destroys the information on the hard disk drive and replaces it with the information that was originally on the computer when you first purchased it. A quick restore will take the computer back to a previously saved state on your hard drive, removing the newly damaged information so that the computer runs properly again.

    Keeping Your Settings

    • If you want to be able to keep your personalized settings, a quick restore is the answer you are looking for. Since a recovery CD does destroy all information, it is completely useless in keeping your settings and operating system enhancements.

    Programs and Saves

    • If the program came pre-installed on your computer, it will be there again when you use the recover CD. Programs added since owning your computer will need to be added again for this method. A quick restore will allow you to keep all programs that have been installed prior to the last restore session saved to your computer's hard disk drive.

    Full Windows

    • Neither option allows you to install a fresh clean copy of Microsoft Windows. The restore CD will get you the closest to a clean copy, but it has been optimized by the computer's manufacturer with their specialized software in mind. The computer manufacturer will get kick-backs from different vendors for making sure that their software is pre-installed or set up as trial software. This is why it generally costs less to buy a computer from a major carrier than it is to have one designed and built specifically for you with a clean copy of Windows.

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