Making a "make money web site" with Affiliate Marketing

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The net has provided us a lot of ways to do a 'make money web site' but most business models require a lot of effort to set-up. You have to have a list of buyers, a product, customer support and other things which will take a lot of time and effort to do - but it is the most rewarding long-term income stream; sadly not all of us can create a 'make money web site' like this.

We need training and additional experience in order to be good at marketing and creating our own products and the best way to 'get our feet wet' is called 'affiliate marketing'.

This is the next best thing, without the hassles of customer support or product creation. You can do a 'make money web site' through affiliate marketing, where you get a percentage of income from the products that you help sell.

Now before creating your 'make money web site', you should find a niche you love that has affiliate programs (that you can join).
The ideal affiliate program should generate you an income of $20 per sale so that you can maximize the return on investment for your effort in terms of the time and money spent on creating websites.

It also allows you to leverage the sales you make since there are usually many affiliates in good programs and that if you don't make at least $20 per sale you will not maximize your income.

The first choice when joining your affiliate program would be clickbank since it protects you from fraud payments but the problem is they only sell e-books. There are other sites available like, Commision Junction, Share-a-sale etc.

You can also expand your product range by searching in google by typing 'niche + affiliate program' this will show any programs available and you just sign up to them and read their terms of payment.

The last thing you need to do to be able to create a great 'make money web site' based on your affiliate program is to create valuable content that people will read and this will increase your traffic and lead to a lot of traffic and sales for your affiliate program.

Having said all of this you should remember to serve people first (by giving out valuable information) and looking after their needs instead of selling to them, give them honest information and reviews of certain products that you are selling, people appreciate balanced reviews and would like to hear your opinions on certain products and also address the most suitable buyer for the product (ie. Beginner, advanced) so you will be more credible in the long run.

Just remember that people looking at your website are looking for something of value and if you can provide it to them and satisfy their needs, you will gain their trust and people who trust you are willing to pay over and over again.

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