A Public Records show on the debate on Gun Law

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Gun ownership is one of the many serious issues often discussed especially concerning domestic problems. Whether or not a person is allowed to carry a gun around has always been a good topic for debates especially in countries and states whose laws allows such. Unfortunately, when human mortality is concern, civilians with this weapon are always put to question due to the growth of crime rate.

Recent polls in the U.S. show a steady dropping of support for gun control. Public records show only 28% of the population strongly agrees for total ban of handguns. The rest however opposes the banning of gun ownership. It also shows that only about 49% of Americans would agree for more restrictive gun laws compared to that in 1990 when the issue on restriction was first asked. The debates on this issue alone leads to more talks on the effectiveness of the firearm regulation, especially with most Independents giving support on gun ownership which is the main reason for the percentage drop of persons in support for the restrictive law.

Recent public records also show the views of the Republicans and the Democrats regarding gun control. Two opposing side still gives opposite say as Most Democrats shows more percentage of those wanting stricter laws rather than less strict compared to the Republicans whose division is believed to be brought by the fact that they are more likely to own guns according to the General Social Survey which is continuously conducted for the last 35 years.

Issues on gun violence have ignited arguments regarding gun control. United States is presently considered as the nation with the highest number of gun ownership. Unfortunately public records also identify United States as gaining the highest number of homicides. This was said in accordance to the recorded number of violence brought about by firearms as most victims are killed with guns.

Gun ownership seems to become a national trend. Persons, applying for gun licenses, seem to be rising about 44% in recent months. For gun dealers the reason behind such lies on the growing fear from criminals. Owning a gun has become a security measure. But other than that, recent growth in the gun owner’s population number is said to be connected with President Obama taking the seat in the White House. The Paranoia here is the fear that President Obama will take guns away.

Whether firearms should be prohibited or not is still a question as most people has taken this for self defense. But the fact that most homicide deaths are brought about by guns should not be pushed aside. This is but one issue that should be dealt with once and for all.
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