Top 3 Things to Avoid When Wanting to Win an Ex Boyfriend Back

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Depression is very common among women who just came from a breakup.
Most, if not all, women whose boyfriends have left them feel like life is no longer worth living now that their ex boyfriends are gone.
You don't have to feel this way, though, because it is possible to win an ex boyfriend back - that is, if you really want to.
And, if you do, you can do this through text.
Of course, before taking this route, there are a few things to remember.
For example, if you commit a couple of mistakes along the way, you could lose your chance of ever getting him back.
What are these mistakes? Read on to find out.
Mistake No.
1: Vengeance through text.
No matter how bad your breakup was or how hurt he left you, taking revenge on your ex boyfriend through a series of text messages will not help you win an ex boyfriend back.
Texting him that you're sleeping with his best friend or threatening him that you will ruin the next relationship he gets into won't make him want you back, either.
This will only jeopardize everything and you can say goodbye to your chances of ever getting back together with your ex.
Mistake No.
2: Begging him to take you back.
Another huge mistake that women commit is begging their ex boyfriends to give them a second chance.
And they do this through text.
Yes, you're hurting and you're every emotional at the moment but it doesn't mean that your ex boyfriend should know that.
You will only come off as needy and clingy.
Instead, show him that you are doing great, and that you are a strong, independent woman.
He'll like the confidence and positive energy you'll be exuding and will soon be attracted to you all over again.
Mistake No.
3: Sending him a barrage of messages.
If you really want an ex boyfriend back, then you have to take a few steps back and allow him to miss you.
That means avoiding the urge to clutter his inbox with your incessant texting.
Texting him every five minutes won't benefit you in any way.
It may seem difficult but as much as possible you have to control the urge to type a message in for him and press "Send.
" Remember: The tiniest slip-up through text may derail your plans to win an ex boyfriend back so, make sure you double-check everything you do to make sure you're still on the right track.
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