Video: How to Reboot iPhones

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Video Transcript

Hey, I'm Skylar. Every once in a while, iPhone just quits for whatever reason. It just doesn't want to do it anymore. So how do you reboot it? Well there are a couple things you can do. There's something called power cycling and that's where you actually turn off the phone as normal and turn it back on. So to do that just hold your on/off button at the top of the phone, oops, until you see slide the power off. Then just slide and the phone will just shutdown and stay off. To turn it back on just press the on/off button again. That's called power cycling. That's a normal reboot. Occasionally you'll find yourself in a situation where that does not work and you cannot get the phone to respond or power off. In order to reboot in that situation hold your on/off button and your home button together for 10 seconds. This temporarily interrupts the power supply of your iPhone and causes it to shut off immediately. It's sort of like you or me being knocked out and then when you power it back it back on hopefully whatever problem you encounter which causes it to freeze in the first place will have been eliminated. Thanks for watching I'm Skylar.
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