Insulation Board Installation

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    • 1). Power-wash the basement walls to remove any dirt. Allow the walls to dry completely.

    • 2). Measure and cut the insulation boards to fit the walls between studs.

    • 3). Spread Styrofoam adhesive on the back of the first board.

    • 4). Place the board in the bottom corner of the wall, pressing it firmly against the wall. Position the board vertically on the wall.

    • 5). Cover the back of the next board with the adhesive, and place it on the wall next to the first board, starting at the floor. Continue installing the boards until the first row is complete.

    • 6). Apply adhesive to the first board in the second row and place it on the wall on top of the boards in the first row. Stagger the boards in the second row from the boards in the first row (similar to how bricks are laid). Cut them as needed to fit, using a utility knife.

    • 7). Continue installing the insulation boards until the walls have been completely covered.

    • 8). Cover all of the joints with installation tape.

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