Instructions for a Tier Dehydrator

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    • 1). Decide what foods you want to dehydrate. You can dehydrate fruits and vegetables, even meats.

    • 2). Cut foods into slices or strips no larger than 1 to 2 cm in width and 2 to 3 inches in length. If you're going to make beef jerky, cut the meat into long, thin strips. If you're going to dry out a banana, cut it into small slices just 1 cm wide. Read the dehydrator's instruction manual for exact sizes for each type of food, as each one has an appropriate size determined by the dehydrator.

    • 3). Open the top cover and slide out the shelves. Put the food on the shelves. If you plan on dehydrating many types of food at one time, group them together in accordance to the instruction manual times. For example, don't mix fruits and meats on the same shelf. However, bananas and apples have similar drying times, so putting them on the same shelf would be OK. Grouping the foods by shelves makes it easier to remove one type of food before the other. If the fruits finish before the meats, you can remove the fruit shelf without disturbing the dehydrating meats.

    • 4). Put the shelves full of food back into the dehydrator and onto the racks.

      Close the cover and set the temperature. Some tier dehydrators have one constant temperature setting, while others are adjustable. This depends on the brand of your dehydrator, so refer to the instructions.

    • 5). Rotate the trays every 24 hours. Move the lowest tray up one tier, the next one up a tier and so on. The highest tier will move to the bottom. Do this until the first tray is complete. Again, this will depend on the type of food you're dehydrating.

    • 6). Remove the tray if the food is fully dehydrated. Allow the food to cool.

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