Ways to Go Green - Where You Need to Begin

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Going green and having an eco-friendly lifestyle is a wise choice.
  There are many ways to go green, and you may be surprised at how simple it all can be.
  You'll not only be doing yourself a favor, but you'll be helping the environment as well.
  Your efforts will be rewarded through your reduced electric, energy, and water bills.
You can begin with just a few simple steps.
  Easy ways to go green include:  using compact fluorescent light bulbs, monitoring your thermostat, unplugging idle appliances, cleaning your air filters, and investing in a low flow shower head.
  These are not only simple, but they're also cheap! Another way to go green that may require a bit of work is to walk or ride a bicycle rather than driving everywhere.
  You'll be surprised over all the gas you'll be saving.
  Dust off your bicycle and get going today!  You'll probably still need to drive your car some, but try only doing it when you absolutely have to.
  In addition, get all your business and shopping out of the way during one trip.
  Never take double trips in the same day.
Speaking of your vehicle, get it checked out often.
  Get a tune-up at least once a year, and make sure your tires are always completely filled.
  Driving around on even slightly deflated tires can cost you a lot of gas.
While you're at it, make sure your gas cap is completely shut tight.
  Ensuring that your car is always in top-most condition is one of the best ways to go green.
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