How to organize a practice

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volleyball players improve their game if only to organize an effective practice of volleyball. Volleyball coaches recommend that combine stretching, cardiovascular and sport specific training for each of the years in practice. Here are details on how to organize a volleyball practice.

begin practice with a warm-up

makes clear that the players must arrive on time to practice dressed and ready to go.

Meet with your team and explain briefly how to proceed.

practice to instruct the team take a 10 minute jog around the field or the gym. As this warms the muscles and get the heart pumping, should be placed first to organize a practice.


Step Instruct

players to stretch their arms to embrace a style of movement. Players must understand each shoulder with his hand, and then expand your back.

Step Scheduling a series of

Lunges to stretch the thigh muscles. Stand with feet together, ask the players a step forward with the front foot to the knee at an angle of 90 degrees.


Stretch calf for having players slowly increase on their own feet. They must maintain control as you slowly lower your heels.

Serving Drills


Tie a rope around two feet above the net.


ranks of your players take turns to serve.


Tell the team that the goal of this drill is to develop unarched, accurate serves.


Inform the team that successfully serve them win two points, while a miss distance of a point. Success must travel between the rope and the net and land on the pitch.


declaring the first team member to earn 10 points wins. [ Turning *]

Step Drill


three players to lie face down on the side of the court.

Paso Stand in

opposite side of the court.


hit a volleyball to the other party, to announce the name of one of three players who will serve. The player must jump and the time itself to return the ball to you.


Step Drill

Tell the team to practice setting, is returning serves with the head. Proper adjustment of the regulator requires the head to be directly below the ball, so this drill encourages.


so a player Serve at once. Should allow the player receiving the ball to bounce once and then placed under the ball so you can return to the front.

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