Mini Games to Play on the Net

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    • In Bust-a-Taxi, your goal is to wreak as much havoc on the cars of the highway as possible without smashing your own taxi. Each level has its own point goal and players need to reach that goal by crashing into other vehicles and knocking over trash cans. Periodically, players will encounter rest stops where they can stop and have their taxi repaired, but this is a time-consuming process and if they depend on them too heavily, they will not have enough time to complete the stage.

    Gem Craft

    • Gem Craft is a tower defense game with a fantasy theme. Players collect gems of varying colors and sizes and place them in towers where they will fire upon monsters automatically. The goal is to stop the monsters from reaching your wizard's tower. Gameplay starts simple, but as levels progress, players will need to make decisons about how to create and combine gems in order to best destroy the attacking monsters. The game stores a cookie for your browser that records your progress through the game's level as well, so you don't have to worry about losing your progress when you quit playing.

    Air Traffic Chief

    • The goal of Air Traffic Chief is to manage the incoming flights for an airport. Planes and helicopters must be directed safely to the proper runway before they run out of fuel or crash into other planes. Unlike many other air traffic controller games that require the player to memorize esoteric commands in order to direct the planes, the interface for Air Traffic Chief is as simple as can be. Players click a plane and drag the mouse along the path toward the runway that they wish the aircraft to follow. So, if you need to stall for time, you can order a plane to fly in a circle three times by clicking the plane, drawing a circle with the mouse three times, and then dragging to the runway. The pilot will faithfully follow the path laid out. However, even a single mistake is enough to end the game, because it only takes one crash to cost you your coffee-break Air Traffic Chief career.

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