4 Things You Must Avoid If You Want To See Profitable Results From Your Facebook Marketing Campaigns

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Unlike a traditional brick and mortar offline business, an online business is not only relatively easy to startup (with the easiest being affiliate marketing, where you do not need to have your own products or services to start making money online), it is also one where there is very little monetary risk (the only thing you need is a domain name that costs $10/year, hosting service that cost less than $10/month and autoresponder service that cost less than $20/month).
And when it comes to driving traffic to your offers, there are tons of free traffic generation methods available for you to use - One of which is making use of Facebook, where you can tap into a network that has more than 500 million (and counting) active users worldwide.
Provided if you know how to make use of this social networking site to market to your prospective customers the proper way (don't worry if you don't - Check out the author's resource box below, where you will discover everything you need to start marketing to prospective customers on Facebook), you will be able to generate huge amounts of cash on the Internet by just using this one traffic generation method.
While Facebook is an extremely effective marketing tool for marketers and businesses alike, there are 4 things you need to avoid, if you want to see profitable results from your marketing efforts, which I will be sharing with you what they are in the next few sections of this article.
Do Not Flood Your Prospective Customers' Walls
When your prospective customers' accept your friend request and connect with you on Facebook, that does not mean that you have the license to "flood" their wall posts with updates.
While Facebook is an effective way for you to market to prospective customers, by "flooding" their walls will only make them get turned off by you, and remove you as their "friend" - I am sure you do not want that to happen, right? 2.
Do Not Be Too "Pushy" With Your Selling
Let me ask you a question - Who likes to be connected with a persistent salesperson that does nothing but continuously pitching products and services to you 24/7? In the first place, people do not come to Facebook to make purchases.
They come to Facebook to connect with friends, family members, as well as like-minded people (who have the same hobbies and interests as them).
Therefore, you must be mindful not to be too "pushy" when selling to prospective customers.
Rather, use socialized manner and casually let people know about your new product's features.
Allow other to share a bit of familiarity with you, since at least several out of hundred group's members will stick with you and spread the word via their own links and friends.
Do Not Post Irrelevant Updates On Your Facebook Wall
If you are using Facebook solely for marketing and business purposes, you should refrain from posting irrelevant updates, such as your game scores, etc.
on your Facebook wall, as doing so will let your prospective customers have the impression that you are not serious in this business.
Avoid Frequent Wall Postings
Avoid posting wall too frequently on your Facebook wall.
The reason is that those whom you are connected with will see whatever you posted on your Facebook wall when they check on their friends' updates.
And if you post way too often (such as making more than 10 postings at once), it will "flood" their entire screen, and they will get turned off, and eventually block your updates (you don't want that to happen as well).
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