Matrixyl 3000

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In recent years peptides have become an integral part of high end skin care products.
With a wide range of functions, peptides act as messengers in the body signaling a variety of different actions.
Modern science has allowed us to mimic many of these short strings of amino acids, essentially tricking the body into a variety of desired actions.
Matrixyl 3000, a combination of the two peptides, palmitoyl oligopeptide and palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7 is one of the very most effective ingredients currently being used in anti-aging skin care.
The breakthrough ingredient works in the following way: Collagen, made up of long strings of amino acids, is one of the main building blocks of the skin.
When collagen is broken down these long strings of amino acids are broken into shorter strands referred to as peptides.
When the body senses the presence of these peptides it assumes collagen has been damaged, and it reacts by producing more.
Matrixyl 3000 mimics the appearance of this broken down collagen, causing your skin to believe it has been damaged and it must heal itself.
Initial clinical studies found: * Reduction in main wrinkle depth (-15%) and volume (-18%) * Reduction in roughness (-14%) * Reduction in complexity (-16%), "lifting" parameter * Decrease in the area occupied by deep wrinkles (-44%) * Decrease in density (-37%) * Increase in skin tone (+15%) While many products that feature the new active ingredient are on the very high end of the market, there are a variety of new very effective and moderately priced products now available that utilize Matrixyl 3000.
Some preliminary tests have even found the breakthrough ingredient to be as effective as retinol, which for a long time has dominated the anti-aging skin care world.
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