The South Beach Diet Works

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One can think that a South Beach diet will only result in failure. An explanation on what food is permitted on any mealtime can certainly give the idea that it is a bogus attempt at losing weight. However, many people have undergone it and have proven its effectiveness. They have gone into the process of losing weight without experiencing hunger and its psychological effects. This is because a South Beach diet does not impose skipping meals on someone but it still works wonders in favor of the weight loss he desires.

The idea is not food deprivation but the avoidance of those with loaded with carbohydrates and fat. The rest of the foods can be taken in as the normal eating patterns permit. Carbohydrates push the body's sugar levels to rise swiftly. In a moment, these immediately fall and would render a person tired and hungry. As a result, the person may just eat more food often leading to heavier weight problems.

In all the 3 phases of the South Beach diet, a person does not have to skip meals. What he does is to teach his appetite to get used to the right food and end its passion for starch and sweets. Along the way, eating only those that keep would keep him fit would become normal. The diet of low carbohydrate and less sugar would speed up his body's metabolism and hasten the burning of fats. Dieting the South Beach way is, therefore, easy and effortless.

The first phase would give the misimpression of futility. The dieter can eat all the daily regular meals for two weeks. Just to make sure he never goes hungry, he can also take snacks in between meals. He has to steer clear form the likes of rice, baked food, and sweets though. This is to make his eating habit get used to little carbohydrates and sweets in every meal. Anything with alcohol content is also not permitted.

As if the first is not lenient enough, the second phase is even easier. This time, the intake in small amounts of bread, rice, and other food with carbohydrates is tolerated. However, after the two weeks of the first phase, a person will realize that a little bit of those is sometimes even more than enough. Along with the observable weight loss, he will discover that changes have occurred in his eating habits, a little starch and sweets become normal.

What could be the South Beach diet's last phase is the start of a healthy lifestyle. The third phase does not have a period to follow. It is when weight loss has been successfully achieved and all that has to be done is to maintain it. It becomes normal for a person to shun carbohydrates and sugar loaded food. The new healthy appetite he has acquired can guarantee him a body free from the risk of cardiovascular diseases in the future.
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