Renting Textbooks Is Easy and Affordable

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When registering for classes each semester there is always the feeling of dread when you find out that the books that you will need are going to cost you $100+ for each class.
The average college student takes 12 credits, which usually ends up being 4 classes, you do the math...
That's $400 bucks a semester! Wouldn't you rather use that money on a nicer apartment or better food? Renting textbooks is one of the best ways to save yourself hundreds of dollars every semester.
There are several websites that offer great deals for renting textbooks.
com is a site that has fantastic deals on renting textbooks.
Recently, I used them to rent a book for a Human Resource Management class at my university.
The book in the school bookstore was roughly $170! That was way to much money to spend on one book, especially after I had already spent thousands on tuition.
I went online and began to search for a better price, but unfortunately even the used book price online was still between $100-$130.
A friend of mine recommended collegebookrenter.
My friend had used them in the past and she claimed they had the best deals.
I went to their site thinking that I was still going to have to spend a lot of money to get this book, but to my surprise the textbook for my class was only $35 to rent for the entire semester! I was skeptical at first because of the low price, but she assured me that it worked because she had used them before.
Despite my reservations I decided to trust her and order my book.
The semester had already started and I needed the book quickly.
The cost to expedite shipping was only $10 to get 2 day shipping! To make this long story short, my $170 textbook that I needed to get quickly for class ended up costing me $45 to rent including shipping! and to add to the benefit of renting at the end of the semester you place the textbook back into the box they sent it to you in, print off the already paid for postage and send it back.
It is that easy.
I wish that I would have found out how easy it was to rent textbooks semesters ago! it would have saved me hundreds of dollars on college textbooks and I wouldn't have had to eat noodles everyday.
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