Best Natural Skin Care Cream - 3 Things You Must Know

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Interested in finding the best natural skin care cream? By the time you finish reading this, you'll know exactly how to identify the best skin creams to moisturize your skin, erase discolorations, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and heal skin damaged by UV exposure.

The handy list I'm about to share with you is based on my fifteen years of experience using a wide variety of moisturizer and anti-aging creams from more companies than I can remember. A handful of those creams were good, and moisturized and softened my skin quite well. Many more failed completely, so oily they weren't absorbed into my skin at all. (The natural moisturizer I'm currently using, thankfully, is excellent.)

Three things you must know about finding the best natural skin care cream:

1) Don't trust product labels.

"Natural" has become a marketing buzzword in the cosmetics industry, along with "organic," and "herbal." It's part of the "green" movement that's swept society in the past few years. Unfortunately, simply because a product is advertised as containing natural ingredients does not mean that those ingredients are used in sufficient amounts to make any difference whatsoever.

In other words, it's a common practice for a cosmetics company to include only a miniscule amount of say, natural vitamin E, just so they can list it on the label and use it in their marketing campaign. With the best skin creams, such as the ones I currently use, the manufacturer will state, quite plainly, the exact amount of natural ingredients used in their product.

2) Beware of fillers.

This is another cosmetics company tactic, frequently employed in tandem with my first point. Because many cosmetics firms are using only tiny amounts of natural ingredients in their products, they're filling out the tubes and jars with synthetic waxes.

To discover how much of a skin care cream is composed of fillers, review the percentage of active natural ingredients contained in the product. If you can't locate this information on the product label, or the company's web site, beware: they are mostly likely using a shamefully high percentage of fillers and waxes.

3) Be alert for toxic chemicals.

Common chemicals used in so-called natural skin care products include parabens, toluene, phenol carbolic acid, and acrylamide. Studies suggest that these substances can cause a variety of awful side effects, from breast tumors and skin cancer, to respiratory failure and kidney damage. In some instances, even death is a possible side effect!

I could be wrong, but I thought these were supposed to be "natural" treatments. Why are cosmetics companies using all of these industrial chemicals?

Please keep this point in mind, investigate questionable chemicals on labels, and stay far away from any product that contains substances with potentially adverse side effects. We have to be careful to use only the safest ingredients on our skin.

So there you have it... three easy ways to identify the best natural skin care cream. It took me many years of trial and error to learn all of these things, but the most rewarding part is that I've finally found a 100% safe, natural skin care system that's performed wonders for me and many of my friends. You can learn more about it on my web site.
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