A Costly Mix - Young Drivers, Sports Cars and Insurance

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You're young, you've just passed your driving test and you want to impress your friends - a sports car is the ultimate new item on your shopping list.
That is, until you start looking at the cost of insurance.
You've blown most of your savings on the car but looking at the cost of insurance, you'll need at least the same amount again just to insure the damn thing! Is it the end of the road for you and your little nippy number? Time to get real and buy a small, boring car that your mum would approve of? If you're a young driver trying to insure a sports car, it's not going to come cheap, but before you give up, try these tips to reduce your premium.
Black Box Insurance Black Box? Sounds like a box of chocolates! It's also called Telematics insurance.
Despite this rather science fiction-themed name, it's actually quite clever - and if you don't mind your driving coming under the microscope, it could save you money too.
Here's how it works.
A small box is hooked up to your car.
This little device is going to record your driving habits and report back to the insurance company.
Big Brother is, indeed, watching you! So if you use your sports car to drive like a maniac on the motorway at 90mph, your insurer will know about it.
Italso records your acceleration, how hard you brake, the types of road you drive on (ie motorway or suburban town driving) and whether you do a lot of driving at night or during the day (for obvious reasons, night-time driving is considered a higher risk).
Yes, your insurance company is spying on you, but here's the benefit: at regular intervals throughout your insurance, the data recorded by the Black Box device will be assessed; if you can demonstrate that you're a lower risk, your premium will be reduced.
The trick to Black Box insurance working in your favour is to actually drive very well, think about your journey and your route and don't make unnecessary journeys (low mileage is also considered a lower risk).
This all adds up to lower risk and cheaper premiums.
PassPlus Advanced Driver Training Another tip is to sign up for the PassPlus advanced driver training scheme.
This is a government-run scheme designed to help new drivers gain more experience and improve their driving skills; you and your sports car might earn a break from the insurance company if you've completed a PassPlus course.
Find a specialist to help you The internet is the obvious starting point to look for cheap sports car insurance.
But beware - before you know it you'll have spent several head-spinning hours filling in quote forms, doing the whole process again when the online system crashes and tearing your hair out trying to compare like-for-like quotes.
Within an hour you'll have decided your sports car just isn't worth the hassle and buy a push-bike instead.
The way to shop for sports car insurance on the internet is to find a specialist insurance broker.
They are market experts and can probably find you cheaper insurance in less time than it wold take you to do it yourself.
The services of an insurance broker are usually free, too.
They are paid from fees and commissions from the insurance companies they place business with.
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