What Can You Do With a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing?

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    • Nurses who have completed their bachelor's degree program can work in hospitals. Most nurses who work in hospitals are considered staff nurses. These nurses can be assigned to maternal units of the hospital, as well intensive care units, pediatrics, surgery and the emergency room. Hospital nurses also carry out medical regimens and provide bedside care to patients.

    Doctor's Offices

    • Some nurses use their bachelor's degree to secure a job in a doctor's office. These office nurses care for outpatients by preparing and assisting patients with examinations and testing. The nurse in this setting will administer injections and treatments to patients. She may perform clerical and office duties, maintaining patient records and confidentiality.

    Occupational Nurses

    • Some nurses use their bachelor's degree to become an occupational nurse. An occupational nurse works in businesses, companies, schools and prisons. This type of nurse will use the skills he acquired in school to prepare accident reports; give workers, students or inmates emergency care; and, if necessary, arrange for further care. The occupational nurse offers health counseling and advice to those patients that he cares for.

    Head Nurse

    • A nurse with a bachelor's degree in nursing has more authority over a licensed practical nurse or nurse's aide. Her bachelor's degree in nursing could lead to becoming a head nurse. A head nurse directs and supervises nursing activities of other nurses. The head nurse will assign the working schedule and plan activities of the patients. Other duties of a head nurse include maintaining records and ordering equipment and supplies.

    Private Nurses

    • Having a bachelor's degree in nursing degree allows the nurse to provide home health care or private care to a patient. The registered nurse will assist the patient and the family on how to properly care for himself or the patient. A home health care nurse might care for for patients recovering from surgery, accidents, childbirth or cancer and other long-term illnesses.

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