How to Get Rid of Carpet Mould With Ease

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This article will help you discover an easy process through which you can get rid of carpet mould for evermore.
You can either replace the carpet or use a natural cleaning solution to remove mould and prevent it from coming back.
Read on to find out how to go about getting rid of carpet mould.
First off, you should go over the carpets to have an idea of the degree of the damage.
Your next move should be to locate the source of problem and get it fixed.
Now, you must seal the area and air conditioner vents to prevent mould spores from going out.
This is a must if you want to hamper the spread of mould to other areas of your house.
If you choose to remove the carpets, you should remove them at least 5 feet from the traces of mould or moisture.
In addition, you should consider removing tack strips from below the carpets, as they are likely to be affected with mould or mildew.
If you do not want to remove carpets, another option you can avail is to try out a natural product for removing mould spores.
These products prevent re-growth of mould by creating a kind of barrier, which is called an encapsulate.
You do not need to encapsulate the walls, as paint can do this job.
You can make use of a liquid product or a natural cleaning solution for removing and blocking mould growth.
You should spray the areas affected with mould and wipe down afterwards.
For better results, you may want to repeat the procedures a couple of times.
After you have sprayed or removed the carpets, you can try an air filter for catching spores flying around in the room.
If needed, you can repeat the procedure with natural cleaning solutions; however, make certain to give a go to a product that can rid you of mould and mildew for good.
Killing off Mould Spores You can try out chlorine dioxide for killing off mould spores.
Chlorine dioxide is applied to yachts to deal with musty odors.
Aside from this, it is also used in libraries for controlling mildew outbreaks.
Before you try out chlorine dioxide to deal with mould in your house, make sure you read up on how to use this thing safely.
If you have no idea how to go about using chlorine dioxide, then we recommend that you give up and let a professional do this job.
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