Choosing a Men"s Facial Cleanser - Expect More

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Men's skincare is just as vital as women's skincare but unfortunately a lot of men do not pay enough attention to their skin.
A good quality men's facial cleanser not only cleans the skin but can remove toxins, help with blemishes and protects the skin from the signs of aging.
It often seems that there is a very limited range of effective men's skin care products available.
Many that are available are packed with chemicals.
They may smell good but do not offer much in the way of results.
We rarely hear about natural skin care products for men.
However, for a skin care product to be truly effective, it has to contain natural ingredients and nothing more.
Chemical-based skin care products are more likely to cause skin irritation and other problems than do anything good for the face.
It is possible to find a good men's facial cleanser and other men's skin care products if you know where to look and if you know what to look for.
Many men have been using soap and water on their face since they were young and have no idea which cleansers are good and which are not.
In addition to that, many men suffer from the dry skin, blemishes and wrinkles that result from not using skin care products at all.
They just assume this is all part of the aging process, when in reality there is much that could be done about it.
The place to begin is with a facial cleanser.
For serious cleansing, healing and toxin removal look to products that include ingredients that have anti-aging qualities and the ability to nourish the skin.
A cleansing mask is one way to accomplish this.
Top Cleanser Ingredients The best men's facial cleanser is only as good as the ingredients it contains.
One great ingredient to look out for is kaolin.
This ingredient, which is extracted from New Zealand clay, removes excess oil and grime from the skin.
Kaolin can help with inflammations and blemishes because it is slightly drying, increases localized circulation and it has disinfectant properties.
It is rich in magnesium and zinc and used in a variety of skin and hair preparations.
The properties of this special skin care ingredient were described by Hippocrates in the fourth century.
Kaolin, or white clay, was used to make cleansing masks for the best known beauties of all time and is still widely used in the best skin care products to this day.
Bentone gel is another clay extract which is found in some of the best men's facial cleanser products.
Bentone gel works in synergy with kaolin to cleanse your skin even more deeply and more thoroughly.
Bentone gel works with other cleanser ingredients to leave the skin silky soft.
One other ingredient you want in your cleansing products is keratin.
Keratin is a protein that the skin uses to heal itself and produce more collagen.
Cynergy TK contains a functional form of keratin that is easily absorbed into the skin and is bio available so the body can put it to use.
The keratin found in Cynergy TK has been shown in laboratory and clinical studies to increase collagen as well as increase the production of new skin cells.
These and other ingredients you should consider for a men's facial cleanser are covered in depth on my website.
You will need to look to smaller niche skin care companies to find them though.
Because they are so new, and because some have been developed in New Zealand, most large western skin care companies have yet to put them to use in their products.
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