What Keeps You From Taking Action?

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What keeps you from taking consistent action? You know, those things that you know will greatly impact the results you are getting in your business.
It's the element of the unknown.
Will anyone be interested in what I am offering? Will anyone care? Is it good enough? Anthony Robbins once said, "You see, in life, lots of people know what to do, but few people actually do what they know.
Knowing is not enough! You must take action.
" One of the things that will keep you stuck in your business is the knowing what to do, but not doing it.
Unfortunately, I see this all too often.
It is one of the most popular reasons I get approached by people who want to work with me.
I help them get unstuck and bridge the gap between what they know, what they need to do, and the actions they take to achieve their goals.
Many times we resist making a phone call, sending an email, introducing ourselves at a meeting, or asking for help because we fear the much anticipated "rejection," It keeps us from stepping up and doing those things that are most valuable to the health and growth of our business.
I am certainly not immune! It is all just fear talk.
A couple months ago, I wrote an article that talked about how I am able to move forward in spite of fear.
Fear is just a FEELING - nothing to be afraid of! A good friend and mastermind buddy of mine, Sherri, shared with me something she tells herself whenever she goes to make a call, announce a program out or do something brand new.
That is, "Assume the 'YES'!" - I absolutely love it! We (me included) can come up with a multitude of reasons why someone won't want to buy what we have to offer.
However, this assumption often has us act with less confidence, which others pick up on, causes doubts and cheats us out of an opportunity to actually make the sale.
You see, what you have to offer is of great value and will greatly serve others.
You have everything you need to be as successful as you desire.
I have no doubt about that.
Focus on the results you get for your clients or customers and know that there are people lining up to get your solution to their problem! When you "assume the YES," you approach everything you do with confidence, assurance, and enthusiasm that makes others want to work with you.
Remember, it is not WHAT you do that makes you successful, it is HOW you do it.
So, go out there, pick up the phone, attend that meeting and "Assume the YES!" You just might be amazed at your results! (c) 2008-2010 The Business Of You, Inc.
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