Different Types of Drumsticks

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What brand of drumsticks do you guys use? How does it feels to you? Comfortable? Rough? Getting blisters easily? While for this post, I'm going to talk more about drumsticks for you drummers and those who are really interested in drumming.
As you know, the pair of sticks are the most important component for a drummer, the most basic pair of thing that is needed for you to start drumming.
There are so many brands of sticks in the world.
Vic Firth, Zildjian, Promark, Vater etc.
From my own personal experience, I have actually tried all these different brands of sticks, including some other brands which I have forgotten.
They have differences in durability and a little of grip I must say.
After all, it still comes down to the size and measurements you are looking for.
I have adopted the hobby of buying drumsticks when I just started playing drums, while now I know which would be the right one for me.
You see, the first drumsticks I had was a Zildjian one, the Tim Alexander if I'm not wrong.
It was a good pair but I'm keen on experimenting other kinds.
Then I went on to get the Travis Barker signature sticks and Tre Cool ones which are also manufactured by Zildjian.
But I found out, they actually are too big for an Asian hand like mine, it restricts my speed on the drums.
So I experimented and found out that the Vic Firth 85A sticks are the most durable and suitable for me.
I like them very much and have been using them ever since.
And remember, get something which fits you properly and not buy those sticks cause you idolise the drummers.
They are probably more suitable for collection and stuffs like that.
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