Color Crystal Divination - Tapping Into the Energy of the Earth

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Crystals have been used as a tool for divination as far back as the times of the Ancient Druids.
Many believe crystals contain the energy of the earth and, by tapping into the energy of crystals, one can experience healing, emotional shifts and psychic awareness.
In color crystal divination, crystals can be used to influence or shift one's energy, and in many cases, color crystal divination can shift the outcomes of one's current or future situations.
Crystals come in various sizes, shapes and colors.
It is believed that these differing factors determine each crystal's unique vibration of energy.
For many, this energy can be felt or accessed through mediation or shifts in consciousness.
In color crystal readings, it is believed that one can tap into different types of energy by working with specific colors.
Color crystal divination is not unlike candle divination.
Each colored crystal has its own unique meaning.
The most important element in crystal divination is choosing crystals that resonate with you.
In crystal divination, it's always important to work with colors that have strong associations to your current life circumstances.
For example, if you are having issues with your relationship, you would work with red colored crystals such as garnet or red agate.
Below I have listed the primary colors utilized in color candle divination.
When working with color crystal divination, it's always important to make sure you wash your crystals under running water before you work with them.
Not only does it cleanse any negative energy, it also helps the flow and release of the crystal's vibrations.
White: New beginnings, ventures, and projects.
White colored crystals are extremely effective at encouraging change or helping you identify important decisions.
White is the color of purity and can also help with spiritual or emotional cleansing.
Black: Endings, sorrow, and grief.
Black is the color of letting go.
It is a color that encourages acceptance and inner transformation.
Black can also be a color of completion or finished business.
Brown: Brown is the color of earth.
Due to its association to earth, brown relates to all things that occur within the physical realm: money, home, and security.
Pink: Friendships, family, and reconciliations.
Pink is the color of patience, sensitivity and empathy.
In color crystal divination, pink helps to bring opposites together and encourages neutrality and peace.
Red: Passion, Fertility, Love, and Romance.
Red can also be utilized for courage and the willingness to face one's fears.
In crystal divination, red can also be used to help one assert them selves in a positive way.
Orange: Happiness, balance and independence.
In color crystal divination, orange can help encourage inner balance and harmony.
It also can help with self esteem and self-confidence.
Yellow: Communication, self-expression and clarity.
Yellow also relates to the use of one's logic and reasoning abilities.
Green: Emotions and feelings.
In color crystal divination, the color green helps you get in touch with your true feelings.
Blue: Healing, Justice, and equality.
Blue can be used for matters in which there has been some injustice.
Blue represents fairness and equilibrium.
It can also be used for healing the physical body.
Purple: Psychic Intuition, psychic development and wisdom.
Purple can also help one get in touch with the unconscious and aid one in matters that concern sleep or dreams.
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