3 "Health Foods" that aren"t exactly "Healthy". Take this Quiz...

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So, you have decided to finally get on a diet plan and lose that Christmas dinner that you have been carrying around now months later. Before you go to the grocery store and purchase all those health foods, you may want to take a look at some of these health foods that may not be a good as you think for losing weight [http://truthaboutabs1.blogspot.com].

Can you pass this challenge? The 5 health foods that aren't as healthy as you think.

  1. Yogurt- Everyone who is dieting loves yogurt. And yogurt in and of itself is a great food to eat when considering yogurt. But hold the phone...before you buy a couple cases of your favorite yogurt, you should know this....most flavored yogurt on the market is loaded with sugar, sometimes as much as a candy bar. Worse yet, much of this sugar is in the form of high fructose corn syrup.

    Best Bet
    Opt away from the sugary flavored yogurts and instead purchase the plain yogurt. Too boring for ya? Add some fresh fruit to mix.

  2. Cereals- Breakfast is important but most of the cereals out there pander to our "desert minded" selfs, loading up their products with sugar. Forget about the nutrients for a second. If you are eating a cereal that has more than 6 grams of sugar, then you should reconsider your breakfast philosophy. Also, look for cereals that are high in fiber (4 grams or higher) as these will make you feel fuller longer thus reducing the chances of you grabbing a danish pastry mid-morning "pick-me-up"

    Best Bet
    Oatmeal is probably one of the best fast breakfast foods out there. Want more "ummmmphhh"...add a boiled egg. The added protein will work wonders with keeping you going through to lunch.

  3. Slim Fast Shakes- Ounce for ounce, a slim fast shake packs almost the same whallop as drinking a real shake. Once again, it is all about the sugar content, which Slim Fast more than accounts for. Don't believe me? Check out the label. The first four items on the label are sugar, sugar, sugar,...and milk. And although Slim Fast claims a whopping 12 grams in protein, bear in mind that you can get the same amount in a glass of skim milk.

    Best Bet
    Skip the shake and instead opt for a glass of milk. Milk is high in protein and other nutrients and the fat in milk will help you feel full.

  4. Nutri-Grain Bars(and other like-minded bars)- You have to hand it to the marketers. They have managed to think that their "snack bars" are healthy. Actually, most multi-grain bars are nothing more a glorified candy bar. With less than a gram of fiber and high fructose corn syrup as its main ingredient, this bar is far from a healthy snack alternative.

    Better Bet
    Rather than grabbing a nutri-grain bar, why not opt for an apple instead. The pectin in apples will make you feel full and with 2 grams of fiber in each fruit, this will not cause that "sugar surge" that you will get from eating a mid-day sugar snack.

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