How to Get a Girlfriend- Tips to Help You Attract a Girlfriend FAST

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If you are a single guy and you aren't having quite the amount of dating success that you desire,  then you probably are getting more than just a little confused and bewildered by the whole dating thing.  Some guys seem to have it so easy and others seem to struggle to attract a girlfriend.  Wanting to be in a relationship with a woman can be tough when it just does not seem like it is going to happen.

You might be thinking that you are just destined to struggle with women your whole life,  or that you might as well give up on trying to meet and attract women.  If you do that,  though,  then you probably are going to stay confused and bewildered.  Attracting a girlfriend can be easy,  as long as you really know what attracts a woman and how to make her feel like you are the right guy for her.

Here are a few tips to help you discover how to get a girlfriend fast:

1.  More than anything else,  you need to open yourself up to meeting women you don't already know.

Probably one of the biggest reasons why so many guys seem to struggle to meet and attract women is because they don't look that far.  They look only at the women they already know,  the ones they go to school with,  the ones they work with.  However,  if you want to attract a girlfriend fast,  you need to be open to meeting new women,  even if that means stretching yourself a little bit.

2.  When you approach a woman,  you cannot assume that trying to be a friend will make her want to date you.

The friendly approach is not a bad thing at all,  as long as you are not coming across like you just want to be her friend.  She has to know that what you are looking for is more than just friendship,  unless you want to be boxed into that category forever.  Approach her with confidence and don't be afraid to show her a little interest,  just don't show too much so that it looks like you are trying to hard to make her like you.

3.  Begin to make your social circle a little bigger.

Besides meeting women you don't know at all,  it can be good to meet women through other people you know.  For this reason,  make your social circle a little bigger.  You never know when going out with a new group of friends,  when you might end up meeting a woman they know and things click between you and her.
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