Writing Copy That Brings in Real Profits

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Copywriting is an integral part of any Internet marketing campaign. Some internet marketing campaigns, in fact, can attribute almost all of their success to the copy used in their promotion. There is no denying that you will make more sales if your sales copy is good. If you follow the copywriting guidelines that follow, you will find that your conversion rate improves.

The headline is the most important part of your copy. If your headline doesn't capture attention, the rest of the copy won't matter. People on the Internet are browsing at a fast pace, jumping from one page to another. So your sales letter should be eye catching. How can you tell if your headline is good or not? By using a series of headings you can rotate them and see which has the best effect. When creating a headline there are no hard rules. All that matters is your ability to pull their attention long enough to get them reading the rest of your copy. In the history books you see that the best copywriters used amazing headlines and got the best results. The real goal is not in what exactly you write as a headline but rather how you write it. For you to separate from your competition you need to start thinking out of the box. Many other reasons contribute in whether or not your headline is strong or weak. And yes, a long headline is definitely weak.

One thing you always have to do with your copy is test it. For best results, test as many parts of your copy as you can think of, such as font colors, headlines and the way you describe products. Try changing various parts of your copy and see what effect this has on your conversions. You can sometimes see big results simply by making a few small changes in various places. That is why experts will always tell you to split test your copy. Split testing tells you exactly which copies are converting the best and which need to be changed or dropped. When it comes to testing your copy, it must be done piece by piece. For example, you can test headlines, the first paragraph and other parts of the page. Ideally, you want to know how well every part of the copy is performing, so test as many elements as you can. The performance of your copy ultimately depends on how well suited it is for your readers or targeted prospects. If you keep testing your copy, you'll know if it's hitting the mark.

Your sales promotions should always come with a guarantee. Your prospects need to be convinced about your product before they buy it. By showing confidence in your own product, you help to instill that feeling in others. Before they commit to buying, they want to be sure that they aren't risking anything and that you care about their needs. This works like a psychological trigger and automatically makes the prospect feel comfortable.

It's a good idea to aim at making people feel secure about doing whatever you want them to do. When he reaches that level of comfort, it'd be easier for him to make the purchase without actually having to worry about anything. That's when you get the sale.

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