What is a Channel Manager and Should You Get One?

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A Channel Manager normally refers to a website on the internet that allows automatic inventory or room management for an accommodation provider such as hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts or apartment style complex across numerous internet accommodation portals and online travel agents (OTA's).

There are hundreds of internet accommodation portals and OTA's who sell accommodation on behalf of the accommodation owner.  The Channel Management software takes the fuss out of everything by automatically communicating their room availability and pricing to these internet portals and OTA's and then communicating back to the accommodation house that the room is sold.  

Gone are the days of logging into multiple internet accommodation portals and OTA's to update and cancel your room availability. The Channel Manager does this all for you automatically and will automatically reduce availability based on bookings from accommodation portals and OTA's.  The software allows you to receive bookings in advance up to 365 days in advance and automatically stops bookings being made from other internet accommodation portals and OTA's when you are fully booked.

This eliminates overbooking and allows you to manage many websites from one convenient location.  It is a marvellous as it allows the motel or hotel owner to manage their room inventory from anywhere in the world and you don't even have to be at your property to receive bookings.

The Channel Management is a very beneficial type of program to have for the online entrepreneur with multiple accommodation business interests.  It can be something that is managed by the business owner or a task assigned to any employee.  The Channel Management can also be integrated with hotel management software that allows for a seamless end to end system.

Depending on the size of the accommodation house and the amount of business they do every accommodation provider utilizes a Channel Manager may saving the equivalent to full time employee. If you do not have a Channel Manager and want to complete with your competitors who have a Channel Manager it would be necessary to hiring at least one if not two persons to look after the room availability manually for the business.

Employing channel management techniques, tools, tips and tricks of the trade is eventually going to be necessary for each and every online accommodation entrepreneur that wants to enjoy a continued success with their internet interests.  It will become instrumental in keeping up with the competition because if they are running an accommodation house of any type a channel manager is essential otherwise your competition are going to steal your customers and reap the profit.

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