How to Sharpen a Dull Knife

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    • 1). Place a damp towel on your counter top and put the sharpening stone on it to keep it from slipping. Place the stone coarse side up, parallel to the counter's edge.

    • 2). Put a quarter-size drop of mineral oil on the stone and use your fingertips to spread it across the top of the stone.

    • 3). Place two quarters on the top right corner of the stone. Place the side of the knife's blade against the quarters to help you gauge the correct 20-degree angle for sharpening.

    • 4). Remove the quarters and, continuing to hold the knife at that angle, sweep it across the stone from right to left, starting with the heel of the knife and ending with the tip.

    • 5). Twist your wrist so that the other side of the knife is against the stone and sweep it across from left to right in the same manner as Step 4.

    • 6). Go back and forth, alternating the sides of the blade, an even number of times for each side. Four or five times per side should be sufficient unless the blade is very dull.

    • 7). Turn the stone over to the fine side and repeat the sharpening process several times on each side of the blade.

    • 8). Wipe the knife blade with a damp towel to remove any metal shavings.

    • 9). Hone the knife with a sharpening steel, holding the knife at the same 20-degree angle and moving from the hilt of the steel to the tip. Run each side of the knife blade along the steel several times.

    • 10

      Wipe the knife again with the damp cloth to remove any remaining particles.

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