Living Wills Can Affect Life Support Decisions

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It is your right to get life support for as long as your body lasts and should this be your wish, your living will must indicate this clearly.
On the other hand you may not want any kind of support, but unless you indicate that clearly, medical staff will not withhold these procedures.
Keep in mind that support can come in many ways such as feeding you, installing drips to keep your water levels constant and antibiotic or medicine related additions.
Reviving a patient via shocks to the heart or giving mouth to mouth resuscitation can also be part of your will.
No living will is any good, nor will your wishes be granted if such a will cannot be traced and produced to health officials.
Armbands, pendants and special cards carried on your person with details of the keeper of your will can solve this problem.
Information from these items will give medical staff immediate access to your will and they will act accordingly.
The living will only comes into play when you no longer can speak for yourself, but a verbal will can be given to an official after a doctor has cleared you as mentally stable.
This means you can revise what you want to happen at any time.
No communication from you will see the original living will take effect.
Bear in mind that other countries or states may not honor Texas living wills.
In these cases the local rules on life support will be followed or you may be brought back to Texas, where your original will comes into play again.
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