Types of Chenille

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    Chenille Fabric

    • Chenille fabric is manufactured by weaving warp thread. It is made of wool, cotton or silk, has a fur-like texture and the end fabric looks like velvet. Chenille fabric is soft and visually appealing, making it a preference of fabric designers. Chenille fabric pile is not flat; rather, it absorbs light and reflects it in varying degrees. This produces a shading and mottled effect, as described in textile terminology. A similar effect can be found in most chenille items.

    Cotton Chenille Yarn

    • Chenille yarn's 100 percent combed cotton gives it a soft, plush texture. Cotton chenille is used in scarves, shawls, throws, blankets, bath towels, washcloths and clothing. Cotton chenille yarn can be used for knitting or crocheting in a range of stitches including the garter stitch, cable stitch and ripple stitch.

    Chenille Tapestry Fabric

    • Chenille bears resemblance to a Berber fleece texture; it is soft, durable and attractive. When used in tapestry making, the material offers the luxurious softness of wool and the modern practicality of olefin fibers. Chenille has been in use since the 18th century to make rugs, tapestries and wall hangings. The durability of chenille makes it a top choice for interior decorators.

    Chenille Upholstery Fabric

    • Chenille upholstery fabrics are top choices among designers. Though the fabric isn't produced from iridescent fibers, it has a naturally iridescent look. The upholstery pattern can change when viewed in different lights and angles. Chenille upholstery fabric will display a particular pattern or color when light hits it from a certain direction, and a different pattern or color scheme when light direction changes. For example, chenille upholstery fabric in certain lighting conditions can add a splash of vibrant color to a room; a change in the lighting can reveal a more subdued color.

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