Cures for a Congested Nose

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    OTC Drugs

    • Easing nasal congestion involves reducing the blood vessels in the nasal passageway and getting rid of mucus. Taking over-the-counter medications such as a decongestant or antihistamine can relieve symptoms and improve breathing. Oral and nasal decongestants work quickly and effectively stop inflammation in the nose. Meanwhile, antihistamines, which are recommended for allergies, reduce the production of mucus.


    • Increasing the humidity in your home is another fast remedy for nasal congestion. The moist air thins mucus and triggers the expulsion of fluids. To increase humidity, purchase a heat humidifier and position the device in your bedroom. Taking a hot shower or sitting in the bathroom with the shower running can relieve congestion. Additionally, steam from a sauna can quickly cure a congested nose.

    Hot Liquids

    • Drinking hot beverages and eating chicken soup eases a sore throat and calms a cough. These drinks and soups can also ease symptoms when dealing with a congested nose. The heat and steam from hot teas, chicken broth and chicken soup loosen thick mucus in the nose and chest. What's more, increasing your water intake while battling the cold or flu also relieves nasal congestion. Water hydrates your body and thin mucus. In turn, you're able to expel excess fluids from your body.

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