Several Places You Can Use Decorative Mouldings

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When people use the term moulding, they are often referring to the woodwork that is found at the base of top of walls.
 The fact is that mouldings can be created out of many different materials including wood and are used in many places around the home.
    You may be surprised to learn all the places that moulding can be installed at and look good.
If you are ready to make renovate a home or are building a home, here are some of the possible uses for moulding around your home.
  Places Moulding Can Be Installed At   Crown mouldings are used at the top of a wall.
 They form a barrier between the wall and the ceiling.
 They are available in many different styles, from the most basic to detailed works of art.
  Baseboards are found at the base of the wall and form a barrier between the floor and the wall.
 You will see these in almost every home.
 They were originally designed to keep the walls from being damaged but now usually serve simply as decoration.
  Decorative moulding is often found around windows and doorways.
 These not only serve to protect the edges of the wall but they can really enhance the appearance of your windows and doorways.
 These can be simple or detailed depending on your taste and the overall theme of the room.
  Mouldings are often placed on the door itself as well.
 This can give a simple door the impression of depth and solidness.
 These can be easily installed and painted or stained to match the rest of the door.
  Chair rail mouldings are found several feet up the side of the wall.
 Like baseboards, these were originally created to protect the wall from being damaged.
 Now they are most often used as a border between different colors of types of wall coverings.
  Mouldings can also be placed on the upper parts of walls to create the appearance of recessed areas.
 These mouldings are often painted a different shade then the rest of the wall, which can result in a very dramatic look.
 Like a door, these mouldings can change a simple wall into a thing of beauty.
  These same recessed panels can be created on a ceiling using mouldings.
 Often these recessed areas and the mouldings themselves are painted in complementary colors.
 This adds flair to any room.
  Mouldings can also be used to enhance the look of bookshelves or other furniture.
 The right moulding added to the edges of shelves can turn an ordinary piece of furniture into elegant addition to your room.
 Be careful to use the right size moulding when doing this; too large and you will over power the look of the original piece.
  Mouldings are also used around fireplaces.
 Usually called mantelpieces, these are sometimes quite large and are used as a shelf above the fireplace.
 These can really change the look of a room and often convey an image of wealth.
  As you can see, mouldings have many different uses around the home.
 When thinking about redecorating your home, it is wise to consider mouldings.
 They are usually inexpensive and easy to install but can still drastically alter the look of any room.
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