How to Create Floral Arrangements Using Bud Vases

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      Start by filling the bottom of the vase with florist's foam. Florist's foam helps keep flowers fresher longer. Use roughly about two inches of the foam to provide a sturdy base for your flowers. A small vase does not need much more than that to make sure that the flowers remain pretty.

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      Choose flowers for the vase. A bud vase will not need too many flowers to look quite elegant. Look for flowers that have fresh petals that aren't wilting. The ends of the flowers should stand up straight and not droop down towards the center. Pick out flower with bright colors that don't appear faded.

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      Choose accessories for the flowers. A few leaves or branches cut down to size will work well in the arrangement. Poke the leaves or the flowers into the foam. Snip one end of the leaves to make sure they remain firmly in place. Snip off any ends that look brown or unattractive.

    • 4). Tie ribbons around the outside of the bud vase. Create an effective floral arrangement that looks finished with ribbons that match or contrast with the flowers that you have chosen. Choose ribbons that aren't too large or you will overwhelm the side of the vase. Gently pull the ribbons into a bow. Tuck the ends of the ribbons into the sides of the bud vase.

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