How to Change the LCD Screen on a Laptop

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    • 1). Remove your laptop's faceplate. The faceplate usually is attached by several plastic hinges; remove these with care. The hinges are near the sides of your laptop and can be removed with your fingers. If you have difficulty finding the hinges, refer to your laptop's instruction manual.

    • 2). Unscrew your laptop's keyboard by removing the four screws that connect it to the base. These screws usually are located near the corners. If you feel resistance removing your keyboard, make sure you did not miss a screw.

    • 3). Remove your laptop's screen by removing the four or more screws near the base of your monitor. Make sure you unplug the Wi-Fi and video cables when removing your screen to prevent them from becoming damaged.

    • 4). Connect the video and Wi-Fi cables to your new laptop screen. Carefully align your new screen to the base of your laptop and insert and tighten the screws you removed when you removed your old screen. Make sure the screen is tightened and secured to the base of your laptop before proceeding to reassemble it.

    • 5). Attach your laptop's keyboard and insert and tighten the screws. Once completed, slide your faceplate back into place and secure the hinges.

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