3 Tips to help your counter resurfacing by kitchen solvers franchise

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Kitchen remodels have been all the rage recently, as evidenced by the flood of reality TV shows and magazine articles based around this project. Indeed, our itinerary has been filling up fast with all of the demand for counter resurfacing. The reason for this project's popularity are easy to understand; with only a few hours, or perhaps a couple of days' work, you can completely galvanize the look of your tired old kitchen, turning "blah" into beautiful on a budget!

Kitchen Solvers are one of the nation's leading counter resurfacing franchises. We help homeowners realize their kitchen countertop dreams by linking them with high-quality material providers, guiding them through the design phase for maximal function- and cost-efficiency, and getting our hands dirty during the construction phase so you don't have to. One simple phone call to a friendly Kitchen Solvers resurfacing franchise near you is all it takes to kick-start your kitchen goals today.
If you are considering a kitchen counter resurfacing project of your own, read on to learn 3 options to consider for your upcoming project!

Re-laminating lackluster top-layers.

If you enjoyed having laminate counter tops, but fell out of love with yours 10 years ago when it was well past being in-style, then re-laminating your counter is a great option. You can bring your countertops into the 21st century by installing a new coat over the existing layer. Sand down your old laminate, and cut new laminate to fit. Be sure to account for about an inch of overhang. Place your new cut over the counter with dowel rods as a buffer between the two surfaces, bond it with contact cement, then remove the dowels as you press the laminate down into place. Rolling pins are handy tools to remove air bubbles. Then, all you need to do is hack away the overhang and wait for the glue to cure!

Get into granite without goring your wallet.

Trendy granite countertops come with a weighty price tag attached. Lock down the look without the loot using a granite overlay. This is real granite blended with polymer resin and manufactured into thin sheets. Kitchen Solvers professionals can install this cost-effective option for you. We highly recommend this heat, stain, and scratch-resistant surface!
Style with tile.

If you cannot lay eyes on laminate for another day, tile is a great way to cover up the mistakes of the past! If you lack a particleboard base, you will need to install a thin cement board as a buffer between the laminate and tile surface. Lay your tiles as you would elsewhere, using rounded bullnose tiles for edging, before setting it in place with mortar and grouting. Kitchen Solvers counter resurfacing franchise workers can help you along every step of the way, and provide you with some exciting colour and style-match options should you choose granite tiles and want a complementary grout to create the look of seamless slab granite.

Whatever your style sensibilities may be, Kitchen Solvers counter resurfacing franchise can help you! Call us now to learn more, or visit http://www.kitchensolvers.com.
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