Whole Life Insurance Explanation Helps You Understand the Benefits of the Policy

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There are many types of whole life insurance policies you can purchase which can take care of a number of benefits that basic term life insurance cannot fulfill.

The premium payment of a whole life insurance policy is created to stay level throughout the term of the policy or the lifetime of the policy holder. Additionally, the premium does not increase as time passes by as with other insurance policies. When purchasing life insurance one of the most important aspects of the insured is security. Getting this policy increases protection of the policy holder because the insurance company can not cancel the policy under any circumstances.

A waiver of premium disability rider can be added to your policy, which states that if you become disabled, after receiving 6 months of short-term disability, the whole life insurance policy will pay the premiums up to the rest of the policy holder's life.


Mostly all whole life insurance policies offer their policy holders dividends which they earn and declare each year. The policy holder has different options as to what they can do with the amounts received from dividends. They can either take the dividends as cash; or leave it to accumulate interest; or they can opt to purchase paid up additions to add to the dividends.

Cash Value

Cash values are an attractive feature for whole life insurance policy holders. Within the life of an insurance policy, many changes can go on in a person's life that may cause the policy holder to need cash from the policy. Therefore, cash values are available if needed. There are two ways of cashing out on your cash values. You can either cancel the policy to get the cash back to use, or you can take the cash in the form of a loan in which you pay back, but keep the policy. The interest accumulated on the cash value has a tax-free interest. When you remove any money from the policy, you pay taxes on the portion you take out.

In the event of an accidental death, the whole life insurance policy is extremely helpful. The policy is built in a way that if you should die early, your beneficiary receives twice the amount of the premium.

If you are looking for a good long-term life insurance policy, look into the whole life insurance explanation and the benefits it offers thoroughly before you decide. Its ability to offer the policy holders with stable coverage with no surprises or interruptions after initiation may be just what you need to ensure your family's security.

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