Trailmobile Trailers - From The Beginning

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The history of Trailmobile trailers spans a long era.
Today the company is well known throughout the United States and Canada, but it did not always stem from the same cloth.
The former companies that used the same name were much different and the company today puts much emphasis on innovation and creating a name for itself that far surpasses its history.
What began in 1835 with a man named Daniel M.
Sechler has today become one of the most relied on companies for producing freight trailers in the world.
In 1910 when the Sechler Company's office boy, John Endebrock began dreaming of ways in which to make hauling freight easier, he could not have possibly seen the massive effect he would be having on such a thriving industry.
While all other carriers in that time were being hooked to horse drawn carriages, Endebrock was busy dreaming about a way to attach a trailer to a Model T passenger car.
Of course in order for this to work, a completely new system would have to be developed.
In 1915, after a few months of road testing, the new trailer was introduced to the world.
Trailmobile was chosen since the trailer would trail an automobile.
With the worldwide acceptance that he received on this innovative and creative new development, Sechler organization decided to change their name to the Trailmobile Company and this is the company that truckers from around the world know and trust today.
Of course like other companies, this one also underwent changes through the years.
In 1928, the company merged with the Lapeer Company from Michigan and became the Trailer Company of America.
During World War II, there were approximately 40,000 units from this company made for the armed forces.
Tank retrievers, mobile machine record trailers, bomb carriers, vans and platforms were all supplied by Trailmobile during the war.
The Army-Navy "E" was presented to the company and all employees from the company for their continued support and effort during the war.
In 1944, after the war was over, the company once again changed its name to Trailmobile Company.
Since that time Trailmobile trailers have gained in popularity around the world.
Dry van trailers are a popular choice from the company and the quality and durability of these trailers are what helps to make this company one of the most popular and respected in the industry.
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