Holistic Fibroid Treatment

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Holistic fibroid treatment is based around the belief that disease or conditions within the body are caused by internal imbalances and that illness simply cannot exist within a perfectly healthy body. Holistic medicine sees the body as a unified whole and the perception is that everything you take into the body (food, chemicals, attitudes and beliefs) will have some effect on it, either positive or negative.

Holistic fibroid treatment avoids the use of invasive treatments, such as surgery, and the use of hormonal drug or chemical treatment but rather aims to build a strong immune system and enhancing mental strength. In addition, it aims to rid the body of any toxins or chemicals which have accumulated in the organs as it is believed that these can contribute to fibroid growth.

Holistic practitioners believe that fibroids grow in response to a number of factors, including inadequate nutrition, excessive toxicity, inadequate exercise and stress and that it is a combination of both primary and secondary factors which are responsible. Indeed, this is not out of sync with the thinking by many conventional practitioners, but the difference is the approach in dealing with fibroids.

Conventional medicine deals with the symptoms of the condition, but this means that it does not eliminate the root cause. This means that even though the fibroids many be removed, they are very likely to regrow as the causal factors are still present.

Proponents of holistic fibroid treatment believe that once internal toxins are removed from the body and a proper diet is restored, this, along with adequate exercise and stress level techniques will help to shrink fibroids and prevent the formation of further growths.

There is much evidence to suggest that women who are prepared to take charge of their own treatment and follow a comprehensive program which includes dietary and lifestyle adjustments, stress management techniques and an exercise plan can have amazing success in managing both the symptoms of their fibroids and achieving measurable shrinkage.
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