How to Repaint Gold Fixtures

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    • 1). Sand the surface of the gold fixtures with fine grit sandpaper. Use the sandpaper to remove any rust from the metal.

    • 2). Clean dust and oil from the gold fixtures with a soft rag and denatured alcohol. Let the fixtures dry completely, or wipe away excess moisture from the fixtures with a towel.

    • 3). Place the gold fixtures on a dropcloth in a well-ventilated area.

    • 4). Spray painting primer on the surface of the gold fixtures. Hold the can of painting primer 12 inches away from the gold fixtures. Apply the primer in two or three light coats. Let the primer dry completely in accordance with the manufacturer's directions. Painting primer helps protect the fixtures from rust and provides better adhesion for the paint.

    • 5). Paint the gold fixtures with the spray paint. Hold the can of spray paint 12 inches from the surface of the gold fixture. Spray a light coat of paint on the fixture. Let the paint dry and repeat several times until the gold fixture has been evenly coated with the paint. Let the paint dry for several days before daily use.

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