Storing Your Unused Refrigerator

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If you have recently bought a brand new refrigerator, your old one will be useless, but still you may not want to get rid of it yet. When it comes to other appliances you can simply place them in a spare room and store them there for unlimited period. However, with refrigerators it is a little bit more complicated. Placing them in a room is not enough to keep the device in proper condition and to make sure that it will work properly after some time.

Cleaning experts in Sydenham claim that you should first clean and dry your fridge prior to storing it otherwise harmful bacteria and mould may occur. Remember that proper storing will ensure not only that the device will remain in good condition, but even more it will protect you and your family from toxins.

The very first task is to empty the fridge- remove all items from it including the freezer section as well. You will have to wait for the ice to melt in the freezer and then you can use towels to soak the water. Usually, people do this before going to sleep. Leaving your refrigerator overnight will be enough for the ice to melt, just place some rags around it as sometimes the water may go outside the appliance.

As soon as the fridge is completely dry you should bring it to the area were you plan to store it. The garage will usually do the job. Use help from relatives or friends when moving the fridge to keep it intact. There are some useful devices that will help you when moving heavy items. For example, you can use a hand truck for this task.

Now it is time to clean both inside and outside surfaces of the fridge. You can either use commercial cleaners or prepare a homemade solution of equal parts hot water and baking soda. With this mixture you will prevent future bacteria growth. Then dry the appliance with towels and make sure to remove all the moisture otherwise you will give a chance for bacteria and mould to grow.

Before leaving the fridge, it is a good idea to disassemble its door and the freezer, if possible. This way you will allow better airflow and also there will be no risk for small children to accidentally get trapped inside. If this is going to be the first time when removing the door of the appliance, it is best to refer to the manual for instructions.

Finally, drain the water lines to keep them in good condition during the storage period.
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