Numerology"s Nurture Number - What You Can Grow And Prosper

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Want to know how you start things, which of your projects will grow and prosper? Numerology can tell you what kinds of task you nurture well, what projects you are good at tending.
We just need to find out your Nurture number.
Calculating your Nurture Number Your Nurture number comes from a specific branch of Numerology called Yantra or Magic Square numerology.
It consist of constructing a Magic square using your birth date numbers, and then interpreting the values in the specific boxes in the square.
Your Nurture number is found by taking your birth month, and then subtracting (3), note that negative values are possible.
For example, actor Johnny Depp was born on June 9th, 1963; so his Nurture number would be calculated as follows: Nurture number = (Birth month - 3) = (6 - 3) = (3) The Nurture number values and their meanings are listed below.
Nurture Number (-2) You use your strong intuition to hinder and sidetrack others in their plans.
You are selfish when it comes to helping others succeed.
For you, it's every man for himself.
Nurture Number (-1) You hate starting things and watching them grow.
You would rather buy an existing business and try to improve it than start from scratch.
You are good at improving projects already started; but terrible at getting them underway.
Nurture Number (0) You don't really care about starting things and watching them grow one way or the other.
You don't mind starting projects, but you don't take any special joy from it.
Nurture Number (1) You love starting things and watching them grow.
You are more likely to start a business from scratch than to buy an existing one to develop.
You are a better starter than a finisher of projects; but you really lavish your attention on projects in their early stages.
Nurture Number (2) You use your strong intuition to help and support others in their plans.
You are a caring sympathetic person who finds great joy in watching others succeed with your help.
Nurture Number (3) You have a gift for inspiring other people with words.
You are quite creative in starting your plans, and when pushed can develop your own plans and talents quite a bit.
Nurture Number (4) You are willing to put in hard work for anything you really believe in.
You have infinite patience for your plans, and are willing to wait years, if need be, to see your projects bear fruit.
Nurture Number (5) You are a natural consultant; able to give good sound advice to people in all sorts of endeavors.
Sadly, your own projects and ideas never seem to get developed.
You need encouragement to start and nurture your own plans, and follow through on them.
Nurture Number (6) You love supporting and nurturing friends and loved ones.
You make a wonderful parent saving only a tendency to be over protective of your children.
You like working on your creative hobbies and take great pleasure in charting your own progress.
Nurture Number (7) You love a mental challenge.
You're fascinated by seeing how different things work; learning their hidden secrets.
When something interest you, you're able to work on it in stages; starting small, and then developing it into a major project.
Nurture Number (8) You are a natural when it comes to nurturing a small business and growing it into a financial success.
You love taking on tasks or endeavors that you judge will be money-makers, and nurturing them through the rough spots.
You stick with them as long as that money-making potential remains.
Nurture Number (9) You love nurturing and supporting any group of people with a noble cause or goal.
Weather a club, support group, or a philanthropic organization, you're able to help raise the spirits and self-esteem of everyone around you.
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