How to Go Vegan With Out Starving Yourself

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    • 1). Find some motivation and remember to take your time. Going vegan is not easy for every one. Some times cravings can be a tough thing to over come, specially if your use to having meat and cheese on your plate for dinner with your spaghetti every night. So in this case it's always good to have a reason and some motivation and post it up some where to remember who and why your doing this for.

    • 2). First week of being vegan for me was not the hardest week. It was actually pretty easy but don't be fooled by this. Even though you might feel your cravings don't really spike up give yourself some time. My cravings came back with a pitch for the second and to third week of being vegan. I also noticed my appetite was huge! This is why it's always good to go vegan slowly, by taking one thing out at a time. First cut out cheese, than meat, than eggs, than milk.

    • 3). Read the labels on every thing you buy. This is the most aching thing about being a vegan is the labels. Reading labels requires you to know what your looking for, so if there is a word you don't know google it!
      I use to eat foods that said "glycerin" but I stayed away from jello because it had this but I never knew the name. Glycerin is normally from an animal most likely bone or fat and some times just vegetables but normally it's from an animal so this requires if you really want to eat this food to contact the company that makes the product and ask them what type do they use. Once you get the hang of it and make a list of the things your not suppose to eat it gets easier.

    • 4). Their is no sense of starving yourself or torturing yourself by your favorite restaurants or going to the movies with friends. Since I went vegan I figured out the best thing to do is get a big tote or purse and make your own lunches. Nothing elaborate just a back up just in case you get an erg to eat something you already have something tasty to munch on.

    • 5). When being vegan is mandatory to keep yourself with a happy tummy. Meaning a snack every two hours until your dinner, or lunch etc. This way you never will have an erg this is similar to step number two.
      Best thing you can do is find yourself a good super market mostly a health food market or even markets the lets people from all over the world sell. This way you can have your fresh everything and it's healthier and test way better than the regular store vegetables.

    • 6). REPLACEMENTS! When just staring out vegan it will make it much easier on yourself to replace everything such as cheese with "soy" cheese or "rice" cheese, Milk with "soy or almond" milk milk, meat with "soy flavored meat. Remember when buying food just because it says it's vegetarian does not mean it is. I fell for the same mistake and noticed the "vegetarian" patties had eggs and milk in them. So it's always a good idea to read those labels!

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