No Nonsense Approach to Self-Esteem

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What is self-esteem? • Are you a product of your upbringing? • How do you see yourself? • How do others see you? • You can do it.
• Here's how to do it.
Self-esteem is how you see yourself, or how you value yourself.
Low self-esteem means you don't value yourself very highly, or you see yourself as not as good as others.
A high or healthy self-esteem means you feel good about yourself, or you have a high value of yourself.
In this short article, we will take a no-nonsense approach to improving your self-image.
Most of us are a product of our environment and upbringing.
If you had a positive childhood where your parents taught you to believe in yourself and gave you proper guidance and positive input, you would have, in most cases, a positive view of yourself.
If you lived in a negative environment where you were constantly put down, told you were stupid and did not give you proper guidance.
, you would no doubt have a low view of yourself 3.
How you view yourself will determine your self-esteem.
If you think you can't do something, you are right! If you have a good outlook and think that you are as good as anyone else, you will usually succeed in life.
The way others see you can often determine how you see yourself.
You can control how others see you by refusing to listen to negative comments or make negative comments about yourself.
Bottom line is you CAN change your self-esteem.
I must make it clear that it is up to YOU, not anyone else.
Your companion or boss can't change it.
"The man who does not value himself, cannot value anything or anyone.
" - Ayn Rand.
How do I change? First, begin "self-talk.
" Every morning when you get up look in the mirror and tell yourself that you are going to have a great day.
Put positive quotes on your computer and bathroom mirror.
Listen to positive tapes.
Read positive books.
When you are around negative people, LEAVE! Narcissus was the son of the Greek god Cephissus in Greek mythology.
He was so handsome that one day while washing his face in a pool, he noticed his reflection and fell in love with himself, not realizing it was only a reflection of him.
He was so enamored with his reflection that he died at the pool, staring at his reflection.
We get our word Narcissism from this myth.
It is important to understand that self-esteem and narcissism are not the same.
People with high self-esteem are often very humble while narcissists are usually arrogant and out-spoken.
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