Uric Acid - How Can You Cure Gout Without Using Drugs?

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Gout is becoming a common illness in the modern society.
More and more people are suffering from the torturing pain of gout.
The most pathetic part of this notorious disease is that most of the common gout drugs prescribed by the doctors can only temporarily numb the pain but none of them can actually prevent future attacks of the awful gout inflammations.
The most ironic part of the story is that not only those gout drugs cannot cure the problem, they even make the health condition of the patients become worse! Those steroidal pain killers the patients take will only create permanent damage to the liver and kidneys in the long run.
Most 'gout newbies' do not believe this sad reality and tend to opt for those instant fix as told by the doctors.
Yes! Colchicine really does help in reducing the pain and inflammation of the swollen big toe, but as your urid acid levels keep rising and the gout attacks become more often, even the maximum dosage of Colchicine will not make any difference.
As a matter of fact, Colchicine is a poison, too much of it or overdose can bring serious side effects.
Then comes another drug known as allopurinol which is said to be able to lower the level of uric acid, which is the root cause of gout.
Again, it works as claimed (if you do not suffer from the side effects such as skin rashes and stomach ache), but it can only suppress the uric acid level for a short period of time.
These drugs do not help to remove the uric acid or urate crystals that have already formed and hiding inside the joints.
Enough said about those gout drugs which you are familiar with.
One thing for sure is that if any of those really works, you won't be reading this now.
You are just like most of the disappointed gout victims out there in search of alternative treatments that are natural and really effective in getting rid of the root of the problems, which is uric acid.
The name itself has already given a big clue towards the ultimate solution of gout.
You don't have to search high and low for whatever magical pills that said to be able to cure your gout instantly.
The ultimate answer can be just as simple as...
Alkaline! Simple science it is.
In order to effectively get rid of acids, all you need is something that is alkaline to neutralize the acidic and enough water to flush out those neutralized toxins.
You can get the alkalinity for your body either through eating more green vegetables which is high in alkaline minerals or drinking alkaline water with high pH.
There are 2 organs responsible for the disposal of uric acid in the body and those important organs are liver and kidneys.
In order to stimulate them to work more effectively in throwing out the excess uric acid, you need to 'massage' them either with foot reflexology or acupressure.
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